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GOOD NEWS Journey from Ventilator to Rhodes Scholarship

Journey from Ventilator to Rhodes Scholarship

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

There is a saying that "Fortune favours the brave". It fits aptly to Jay Ruckelshaus, an Oxford scholar with a spinal disability. He, after so much of challenges, had made it to Rhodes scholarship that bears all-expenses for a post-graduate study at prestigious Oxford University located in Oxford, England.

behind the news

Jay Ruckelshaus is one of the 32 winners out of 100 belonging to 60 countries across the world. Rhodes Scholarship is aimed to encourage public-spirited leaders for the better future of our world; former US President Bill Clinton is one of them. Jay's case is special as he had suffered almost life-taking spinal injury. Jay is from Indiana, US and had been very active in both co-curricular and studies in school. He had even granted a full scholarship at Duke University before his neck was broken. Last summer before his admission into Duke University, while taking a dive into a reservoir, he broke his neck. He was on a ventilator for around two months and wasn't able to move his body below the neck; he was almost on the verge of death. He was shifted from Indiana to Atlanta for his treatment. In Atlanta, his condition improved where he regained some arm movement and started using iPad with his wrist and knuckles! He continued his education at the Duke University with just wrists and knuckles and even graduated with the highest honour. This made him to won one of the premier scholarships of the world 'Rhodes Scholarship'. The scholarship provides all-expenses for a post-graduate study at Oxford to be a world leader for a better future.

beyond the news

On reflecting upon time spent in Atlanta, he says, "This [the injury] was not the sort of thing you could out-work or out-wit, or just stay up late and figure out. It's a big rock that you can't move. It was hard to see the rest of my friends go to university, and me not." And now, his journey is inspirational to those who want to make it to Rhodes Scholarship.

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