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GOOD NEWS Innovator at an age of 12 & 15

Innovator at an age of 12 & 15

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

Innovation throughout the history has been achieved mostly by adults. But now it is the thing of past. That can be said considering the innovation of Harshwardhan Zala, 15 from India and Gitanjali Rao, 12 from the U.S.A. Let's see what they are innovating.

behind the news

Did you ever dare to do something when you were discouraged by people saying that you cannot do that thing? And if you did try to do something like that, did your parents support you? Well Harshwardhan and Gitanjali not only dared but were also supported by their family to a large extent. This support helped Harshwardhan invent a drone that can, not only detect the landmines but also diffuse them. His parents spent Rs. 2 lakhs in support of this project. Following this, he bagged a project from the Gujarat government worth Rs. 5 Crores to develop drones for the Indian army. Gitanjali, on the other hand, was disturbed on knowing that people in Flint, a town in Michigan are facing a water crisis. It is because the drinking water over there has a very high level of lead, which is extremely harmful and toxic to health. She has developed a device which detects the amount of lead in water, the fastest way possible. This device is available at a very low price too.

beyond the news

Finding a solution is not a big challenge. Making it happen by all the efforts and hard work is what's needed. Gitanjali says, "While solving problems, you will continue to encounter failures. Accept them, but persist with the problem. Do not give up, and always remember the bigger goal of making a difference." And according to Harshwardhan, " Many people discouraged me and told me ‘this is not possible to do’. So if you want to change the world, take the impossible task first, because it's impossible for the world – not for me, not for you or whoever wants to do something."

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