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GOOD NEWS How about playing a game on FB and help people too!

How about playing a game on FB and help people too!

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

On Facebook, a new game 'Half the Sky' has been launched with the purpose of making people aware of real-world issues while having fun as well. The game is known as 'Half the Sky', inspired by the book written by Nicholas Kristof. It is also motivated by a gender movement ignited by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, journalists by profession in United States of America .

behind the news

Do you donate money to a good cause while you're playing? Well! If provided an opportunity, one would think of it. However, such a game did not exist till date. But thats no more the case, as an innovative game idea actually lets you have fun, gets you to know about real-world issues faced by women, and you can also directly help by donating. The aim of the game 'Half the Sky' is to spread awareness about women empowerment and simultaneously give an option to players for donating to a real cause. 'The Half the Sky' game is the recent development in the Half the Sky movement. Until now, this movement included a book and a documentary by the Public Broadcasting Service (a non-profit organization). Half the Sky depicts the idea that half the population of the world are female. And they too should have all the freedom that men enjoy.

beyond the news

Females or women are considered to be the backbone of any society. But there are many areas where there are still some unfair practices against women. Hence, efforts are to be made for women empowerment. This game not only has real stories but also has scenarios where people need to decide between two or more alternatives to understand and empathize with the situations of women. Let's play more of this game whenever we have leisure and also empower the women across the world.

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