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GOOD NEWS Hiring Thieves!

Hiring Thieves!

07 03 2018 Wednesday
The News

Smith Crane and Construction Ltd. placed an advertisement as part of their routine recruitment process on 26 February 2018 and surprisingly invited the thieves - to apply for job - who few days ago had robbed one of their shop only. The robbery took place early morning on 24 February 2018 at John Road, Harewood, Christchurch in New Zealand.

behind the news

'Even a stop watch is correct twice a day.'. This famous quote refelect that one can look for something good even in undesired situations or circumstances. If one try to seek, one will find some good qualities in a so called criminal as well. That's what exactly has been called upon via a FB post by the owners of Smith Crane and Construction Ltd. They placed a full page advertisement on Facebook on 26 February 2018 that hailed some qualities like, getting up early in the morning, team spirit, etc. along with... as they were two and choice of the tools they took with them. Not just one of the thieve but both of them have been invited to work at their shop. Owners said that it will be not for first time that they will be hiring thieves, but before to and presenty few ex-prisoners are working at their store. In fact they are so keen that they have announced an award up to 1,000 dollars for any information about these thieves and gave there contact number as well.

beyond the news

There are instances when robbers actually were given a treat and some lessons to lead a good life. And this step by Smith Crane is beyond it in many ways. If such initiatives are taken by more people, it will probably help thieves live better life rather going for robberies here and there by helping such people to start a new life.

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