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GOOD NEWS He designed a 3D-printed arm for his father

He designed a 3D-printed arm for his father

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

His father lost his arm in a war in Iraq and wasn't able to play video games with his kids for almost 10 years. So his 18 year old son Robbie Frei, developed a 3D-printed arm which has movable fingers. Now, Robbie's father can do his daily routine work with the help of this new artificial arm in Missouri , United States of America.

behind the news

Robbie Frei studies in Priory High School in Missouri. He says that he wants to take up robotics as a career. And what a great start before studying robotics by developing robotic arm for his father. His father had lost his arm in an attack in the year 2003. Until 2013, for almost 10 years he was without an arm and lived as an amputee. Robbie wanted his father to play video games with him and for this, he created a prosthetic or artificial arm. Initially he created an adapter for the Nintendo Switch. He soon realized that he could make an all new robotic design of an arm for his father. He has placed his designs on internet and is helping people around the world with his ideas, including an Air-force veteran who used the design to make one arm for his daughter.

beyond the news

Robbie says, " If you go into engineering, you’re helping thousands and thousands of people even after your lifetime. It’s that cool." Engineering is a wonderful field and can help invent anything. Let's dedicate our time to what we love…………the way Robbie did - by dedicating his time to robotics.

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