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GOOD-NEWS Gabriel Boric is the New President of Chile

Gabriel Boric is the New President of Chile

The News

Gabriel Boric, the legislator from the opposition party has secured 56% of the votes in the presidential election process to secure permission from the people to form government in Chile. He defeated his opponent Antonio Kast, who is from the conservative party

behind the news

Gabriel Boric rose to prominence during his anti-government protests and is set to become the youngest president ever of the country. Boric is just 35 years old and was able to secure 56% of the votes opposed to his opponent, who secured only 44%. The power transfer was also very swift and the ex-President Sebastian Pinera even congratulated Boric on his success. Chile has been progressing at a rapid pace but the income inequality was also very high. Boric was quick to notice this and being from the left-wing party, he used the middle class public to spread an outrage among the people against the policies of conservative government. People of Chile were also very happy with the decision and there are pictures of people, specially young voters cheering for their new leader.

beyond the news

Chile is one of the most prosperous Latin American nation and it is unfortunate that despite economic growth, the income disparity was that high. So what started in 2019 has now transpired into a full-fledged victory for a young president which is indeed a historic moment. Hopefully, Mr Borwick will not disappoint his supporters and Chile?s middle-class will find his reign prosperous.