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GOOD NEWS Daughter made him an inventor

Daughter made him an inventor

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

Recently, Jake Lacourse hailing from Middleborough in Massachusetts , United States of America was honoured at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, on 11 January 2018. Jake has created a game known as 'BecDot' for blind people. He had developed this game for his 2-year old daughter who is suffering from Usher Syndrome.

behind the news

What doesn't happen commonly is a father (who is a product engineer) inventing game for his daughter who is slowly becoming blind. Rebecca, Jake's daughter is just 2-year old and is suffering from 'Usher Syndrome'. Usher Syndrome is a very rare disease that affects both hearing and vision simultaneously. It leads to deafblindness. And the worst part is that it is not curable presently. Jake on realizing that this disease will not allow her daughter to read, write, and have fun, and most impaortantly cope up with a world that can see. So, he designed a game called BecDot to make learn early braille concepts. Braille is a written form of language used for educating blind people. BecDot's playing surface is made with a 3-D printer and is similar to a tablet. When a toy such as cow or pig is placed on the tablet, then corresponding braille dots appear. In this way, she does not only learn an early braille concept but also get to know the shape of the objects.

beyond the news

Jake was awarded 'The Not Impossible Award' that refers BecDot's "ability to break through barriers." Early Braille concept was rarely attempted. Although Jake claims that BecDot does not imparts tactile skills and one has to learn Braille, he is working on such. Since BecDot, his nights echoes with cry and imaginations to take further BecDot.

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