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GOOD NEWS Autism couldn't stop him to meet Obama for the innovative work

Autism couldn't stop him to meet Obama for the innovative work

09 04 2018 Monday
The News

Hamish Finlayson, 13 hails from Queensland , Australia. At the age of just 13, he has created four Mobile Applications. The most inspiring part of Hamish is that he has achieved such a feat being autistic. Did you know that last year he was called on to meet US President Barack Obama as a part of Young Global Entrepreneurship Summit?

behind the news

Autism is a psychological disease that hinders the growth of the brain of a child. Autistic child finds it difficult in interacting with people, understanding the most basic things of life, etc. In many cases, just the body of a child grows and his mind remains just like that of a baby. "People give you a weird look sometimes; a lot of people in the world don't know what ASD is, therefore [they're] afraid of it," once said the Hamish. For the same reason, he developed TripleT&ASD app. It is an app that includes quizzes and tips for autistic children, and for the general public, there are lots of games to understand about autism. The fact is that it is almost unimaginable for an autistic child to develop an app! However, the story of Hamish is completely different. He learnt to code in grade 3 and got attracted to it intensely. ‘LitterbugSmash’ was the first app he created at the age of 10. After developing 4 more apps including TripleT&ASD, he has now created a virtual reality game. The motive is same as that of TripleT&ASD but this time, it’s an effort to keep up with the taste of gaming fans. This new app will give an actual feeling about the social and life issues encountered by autistics.

beyond the news

The apps developed by Hamish are not only helping people to know about the disease but also give knowledge about behaviour, social challenges and how to meet them. At the same time, it makes us think that a disability of communication or a social interaction doesn’t hamper the abilities to think.

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