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GOOD NEWS A Latest Pollution-free Fossil Fuel Technology

A Latest Pollution-free Fossil Fuel Technology

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

Engineers from the Ohio State University in the United States of America are developing technologies which can bring biomass and fossil'>fossil fuels in use… without causing pollution. The research has been published in a journal called Energy & Environmental Science.

behind the news

Fossil fuel is a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed under the earth due to degradation of the remains of living organisms. This type of fuel releases carbon dioxide and other substances, which ultimately pollute our environment. The researchers have however come up with ideas for a new kind of technology which would not cause pollution while using fossil fuel. This technology changes shale gas into products like methanol and gasoline while using carbon dioxide. In their second paper, the scientists reported that they have found a way out to extend the life of particles that cause chemical reaction to change fuel into electricity and other useful products. They have named this technology as chemical looping. It can be used to create clean electricity and renewable energy at cheaper prices with greater availability.

beyond the news

Try imagining our planet with no pollution. Doesn't it sound absolutely amazing? This technology could be the solution to some of the biggest problems of our planet. And with no environmental damage, our planet would get back to having a healthier future.

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