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GOOD NEWS 6 Innovations that will change the world

6 Innovations that will change the world

06 01 2018 Saturday
The News

Recently, Bill Gates - the founder of Microsoft ( United States of America )- came up with a list of 6 innovations that will completely change the course of the human civilization. He believes that these innovations need to further develop and are worth watching.

behind the news

Well! Innovations have changed the human civilization dramatically. Whether it is an ability to produce fire, methods of constructing buildings, electric bulbs, vaccines, etc. All innovations have an ultimate aim to benefit mankind. Now, what are the next ones in this 21st century to come? According to Bill Gates, it is:1. Better storage of vaccines: So that, they are not spoilt in short time and can be taken to different parts of the globe.2. Gene Editing: Till date, we take medicines to get cured of diseases. But how about editing the genes of a person to completely cure the diseases?3. Solar Fuel: Petrol and Diesel are causing harm to earth with the pollution they create on burning. So, need is the renewable energy that is available in abundant and everywhere. It is possible through energy stored in sun rays.4. mRNA Vaccines: How to create an immunity against diseases to prevent future arrival is what all about mRNA Vaccines. 5. Improved Drug Delivery: We easily miss a pill or any medicine. So to prevent such, a small device that is implanted in our body that releases medicines regularly, is desired, like one made by a company called Intarcia.6. Artificial Intelligence: Without any doubt, innovations are aimed at reducing human efforts. AI does it the best with an ability to think like a human in many situations or stuck in problems.

beyond the news

Innovations have changed the way of our living. These are the six what Bill Gates thinks. What do you want to add or replace?

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