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ENTERTAINMENT Young Goat Rapper From Ghana is New Internet Sensation

Young Goat Rapper From Ghana is New Internet Sensation

The News

Emmanuel Yeboah may sound like just any other rapper but there is some-thing unique about his style. The artist adds an element of goat voice in his raps that attract listener’s attention and is earning him a lot of fame from all over the world.

behind the news

Emmanuel Yeboah is a citizen of Ghana and goes by the artist name “AY Poyoo”. He is a full time entertainer who raps and acts in his own vid-eos. In fact, he is the sole producer and writer of his music videos that showcases his talent. On being asked why he uses got sound in his songs, he said that he wanted to get something catchy for people to white with a vote Song and therefore we came up with the idea of using boats voice to catch peoples attention. His latest song G.O.A.T has at-tracted millions of views on youtube, making him an overnight star. Recognised rap artist like Snoop Dogg have already appreciated his work and he takes pride in that. He is also a philanthropist and therefore decided to share some part of the revenue generated from YouTube to a charity in Ghana.

beyond the news

Its a shame that people like Emmanuel don’t get their part of recogni-tion just because of lack of resources and exposure in their country. They have to do everything on their own and that is what makes their success story so interesting. Hopefully, corona will go away next year and we can see him perform live.