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ENTERTAINMENT Who will lead Marvel A-Force?

Who will lead Marvel A-Force?

The News

In a major development in Marvel universe, Captain America is no longer said to lead the A-Force. Though no such official statement has been made by the MCU, sources have confirmed that major changes are being made in the project.

behind the news

A force is all woman team of MCU characters that is said to feature in an exclusive movie of its own. As per the initial reports, captain marvel, played by Brie Larson was set to lead the team. However, MCU has decided to make many changes in the project including who is going to lead the group. Actors like Gwaleth Paltrow, Elizabeth Oslin, Tessa Thompson and Karen Gillan are the top contenders. It is believed that Marvel universe is set to make an announcement about the launch of a stand alone a force team very soon. The news has spread like a wildfire and fans are making speculations about their choices all over the internet.

beyond the news

We fans have been eagerly waiting for the Air Force team to arrive on screen ever since a glimpse of it was given in the climax of the avengers endgame movie. While MCU is doing its own brainstorming, what do you guys think should be the leader of this all woman bank?