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ENTERTAINMENT Vintage Superman comics Sold in Millions

Vintage Superman comics Sold in Millions

The News

An exclusive Superman's origin comics first published way back in 1938 has been sold for record $3.25 million in an auction'>auction. This also makes it the most expensive comics in the history of comics world..

behind the news

In year 1938, when it was published, it was sold for just $.10. This comics is about the story of origin of Superman and is considered as the first comics in which this whole generation started. The person who sold it made $1 million profit because he also purchased it from someone else at around $2.25 million. This is also opened new horizons for comic investing just like people invest in art. The person who has purchased this right now is anonymous.

beyond the news

No don't even think about getting rid of your old comic books without even looking at it. Who knows maybe you are in the position of something pretty rare and down the line gets option for millions of dollars. If you also are aware of any such additions that you or someone in your family already has, get in touch with the right people.