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ENTERTAINMENT Tune into the Radio Garden of Netherland

Tune into the Radio Garden of Netherland

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

Do you know that there is a garden of radios where you can listen to any radio station of your choice? And any radio station could be from any part of the world? Launched in the Year 2016, Radio Garden is now giving its listeners a pure bliss of music with no geographical boundaries. It was was established by the 'Institute for Sound and Vision' based in the Netherlands .

behind the news

Radio Garden is basically an online website where you can tune into any radio station anywhere in the world with your mouse as your tuner. When you use the software, you will find a world map with green dots on it which indicate radio station operating at that particular location. You can thus listen to music and news of various cultures in different languages. Radio Garden was established by the 'Institute for Sound and Vision' based in the Netherlands and has been operating since the year 2016. It also has a history option which gives information about the radio station itself. It is already pretty popular on social media and has been making fans all over the world ever since its launch.

beyond the news

The Radio Garden is a very useful tool to increase your knowledge about any particular place. Apart from listening to music, you can learn about a new culture or even learn a new language of your choice. You can update your friends with the latest news in any region of your choice whenever you want. Hats off to the creators of this awesome garden.

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