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ENTERTAINMENT She enters the Overwatch League

She enters the Overwatch League

12 02 2018 Monday
The News

Geguri Se yeon of South Korea is all set to join Shanghai Dragons and her inclusion in the team means that she is all set to become the first female player in the history of Overwatch League. This news was reported by ESPN.com but no official confirmation has been made by Shanghai dragons as of now.

behind the news

Overwatch is basically a very popular video game competition which is played on an international level. Here, many teams comprising of players from different nations participate to win the ultimate prize money and tournament. This year's Overwatch league is not going good for the team Shanghai Dragons because they haven't won a single match yet. Geguri is a South Korean player and her inclusion in the team means that the team now has three South Korean players who don't speak the Chinese language. On being asked about the communication problems, Geguri said that she knows the language somewhat and will learn it before her debut. This tournament was earlier blamed for not having female players to which the organisers had cited lack of female players' interest being the main reason.

beyond the news

If you haven't watched Overwatch yet, now is the time folks. It is an action-packed game with a lot of excitement. The fact that there is a competition associated with it, only adds to the excitement and now since female participation has started, its fan base will increase further. As far as Shanghai Dragons are concerned, only time will tell if this "Lady Luck" will bring good fortune for Dragon's or not.

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