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ENTERTAINMENT Outrage over skin darkening of upcoming 'Aladdin' movie actors

Outrage over skin darkening of upcoming 'Aladdin' movie actors

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

Disney is currently busy in producing the live-action movie "Aladdin" in Longcross , England. While to bring originality, they have given lead roles to the Egyptian-born actor Mena Massoud and British-Indian actress Naomi Scott for playing the role of Aladdin and Jasmine; they have tanned the skin of white actors with makeup. This has caused an outrage over social media.

behind the news

Aladdin is one of the folktales from folktale series Arabian Nights in the Middle East (Arab). People who belong to Middle East countries have generally darker in skin complexion. So, Disney offered roles to Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott both having darker skin. However, in some instances, they required extras like a guard of the palace, etc. And as they are in England where original skin complexion is fair and white, they can't blend in. And thus, they tanned the extras available in England with makeup. To this, social media has shown outrage on the basis that acting skills, life experiences, etc. do not matter to Disney while selecting actors and extras. It was also criticized Kal Penn, an American actor. He said that this means that not many of us are qualified to act.

beyond the news

It seems that people outraging has some sense but, isn't it the choice of movie makers to select the main actors and extras. We have seen in many movies that make-up played a major role to portray the real character and bring originality; remember Pirates of the Caribbean?

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