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ENTERTAINMENT Mulan Much Awaited Chinese Debut Finally Happens

Mulan Much Awaited Chinese Debut Finally Happens

The News

Walt Disney latest movie, Mulan was finally released in China and did a decent business overall. The movie was opposed by the people of Hong Kong because it thanked Chinese government in its end credits.

behind the news

Mulan is a Disney live-action remake of an old movie which is about a young girl who fights in place of her father. The movie has been postponed many times because of the coronavirus pandemic and finally it was released last week. However it only manage to make around $23 million which is a very poor performance given the amount of expenditure that was incurred in making this movie. The movie is currently showing in selected theatres of China with social distancing norms in place. It is also available online on Disney plus where people can watch it on subscription basis. The movie attracted a lot of criticism from the world because in its end credits, thanked many Chinese government entities who are accused of violating rights of Muslims in China. It was during this promotional process, Boycottmulan was also trending on twitter.

beyond the news

While it Is not new for people to oppose any movie for showing political support for disapproval, it's entirely a matter of personal choice whether somebody wants to watch a movie or not. By showing support to the Chinese government for allowing them to make the movie doesn't in any way shows support for atrocities committed on any particular section of people. What do you guys think?