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ENTERTAINMENT Michelle Obama to star in a Netflix show

Michelle Obama to star in a Netflix show

The News

Guess who is going to make a surprise appearance in the latest kids show? Itís none other than the famous ex-first lady of United States, Michelle Obama. The news has been confirmed by the producers of a show on Netflix.

behind the news

The show will be about raising awareness about joys of cooking food in home rather than opting for ready-made meals. Ms Obama will star as a supermarket owner promoting sale of fresh grown fruits and vegetables and will be taking on waffles and Mochi, two characters from the land of the frozen food. The name of this Netflix show will be waffles plus Mucci and will be a magical show with your social objective, specially for children. Waffles and Mochi and pair of puppets who dream of becoming chefs and are guided by the chair is Matic supermarket owner played by Michelle Obama to fulfil their dreams. Ms Obama in her interview said that it's a family show and she would have loved to watch it alongside her daughters if they were young.

beyond the news

During the recent outbreak, we have seen countries like India and certain other nations where food food is encouraged tend to have lesser casualties as compared to the West. Countries in the West like America have become more vulnerable to ready-made meals because of the paucity of time and unhealthy lifestyle. Hopefully, this show will serve the purpose and will encourage children who will in return encourage their parents to eat home cooked food.