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ENTERTAINMENT Meet the Aqua Artist of Britain

Meet the Aqua Artist of Britain

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

We all have heard that Art knows no boundaries. And it has been proved now that it doesn’t know any geography either. An artist named Peter Matthews hailing from England has earned accolades for making drawings inside the sea.

behind the news

Peter calls his method of drawing "Seascape." He calls it Seascape as sea water plays a big role to bring out uniqueness in his drawings and paintings. It's salty sea water that in a bizarre way interfere or disturb the colours. Saatchi Gallery exhibited his paintings. His paintings have been sold in millions of pounds. Peter often goes into the sea to make his paintings and has been training himself for years. He also shared an event when he almost lost his life in the ocean. He uses special canvas for his paintings. And very often, once he enters see stays for days to complete his paintings. His paintings are not easily appreciated by common people. Only people who are passionate about art are appreciating his work.

beyond the news

Peter Mathews is probably the only person in the world who can do this. Even after that very few are able to appreciate his art. It's very common that one needs to be passionate itself to appreciate others. One cannot appreciate Messi until one is passionate about football.

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