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ENTERTAINMENT How about Street Fighter II on actual streets?

How about Street Fighter II on actual streets?

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

Abhishek Singh, an India n into augmented reality is in news for his latest project. He has redeveloped the Street Fighter II - 1995 game, but with an augmented reality version.

behind the news

Lights closed and complete darkness in your room, with only one focus light on the floor. And suddenly you see two animated unreal fighters fighting with each other. The excitement adds up when you can almost join the fight. Seems impossible? But it's not, as Augmented Reality is all about taking all real factors into an animated world. Abhishek had earlier made his HoloLens version of Super Mario Bros (1985) in June 2017. And now, taking inspiration from the iconic scene of the movie 'The Ring (2002)', he is now ready with another game. It's Street Fighter II. He calls it the 'Real World Warrior' edition. He said that the game will take time to develop completely and will not be out soon.

beyond the news

Well! Apart from just entertainment, Augmented Reality (AR) can help humans in many ways. It will be helping people in learning new skills. Like now, one will be able to practice driving skills without actually driving on the roads. It may be possible in the future, that you might be practicing boxing skills in real... not with a punching bag, but, with an animated boxer.

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