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ENTERTAINMENT Grab the 15 Game of Thrones Royal Stamps! Hurry Up!

Grab the 15 Game of Thrones Royal Stamps! Hurry Up!

08 01 2018 Monday
The News

The Royal Mail of the United Kingdom has announced the special edition stamp collection. This special edition is the collection of 10 individual characters of Game of Thrones. It also includes four non-human characters along with the iron throne. Only a limited 1500 stamps are issued for public. Hurry up! Available until 23 Jan only!

behind the news

Now, you can keep your favourite characters of Game of Thrones with you, forever! That is because the Royal Mail of the UK has announced the sheet of 15 stamps. These stamps have to be bought before 23 January 2018. After this, they will start to grace letters and parcels across the country. You can buy these stamps at the Post Office branches across the UK. You can also buy the stamps by calling Royal Mail's customer service line. The pre-order facility is also available on the Royal Mail Website. The scope for various special collections was broadened by then-postmaster general Tony Benn in 1965. Royal Mail has often been inspired by arts, culture, and entertainment. They have earlier also issued the stamps on Star Wars, Harry Potter and have honoured even David Bowie with stamps.

beyond the news

Ever closely observed the post stamps? You may find the figures of great personalities, institutions, etc. Well! How about becoming so great that one day, a stamp is released in your honour.

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