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ENTERTAINMENT Dress repeats itself in Oscars 2018

Dress repeats itself in Oscars 2018

07 03 2018 Wednesday
The News

Wearing a certain attire twice might not be surprising for us, but is certainly so for the celebrities. The 86-year-old actress Rita Moreno was found wearing the same dress - that she wore 56 years ago - at The 90th Academy Awards known as Oscars happened on 4 March 2018 in California , U.S.A.

behind the news

There are many reasons, to see your favorite actors in sizzling outfits, see them winning awards, to see whether you favorite actor/movie is nominated or not and so on. Will you be disappointing to see your favorite actor/actress wear a dress again that he/she had wore already at some last award night show? Maybe yes but for major of fans it is not so. However, Rita Moreno did the same. She had won the award for 'Best Supporting Actress' in 1962 for 'West Side Story'. And, she wore the same gown on the occasion of 90th Academy Awards (Oscar) in 2018. A wonderful point to be noted is that the gown after 56 years was still as beautiful as it was in 1962. Did you know that Rita Moreno is one of only 12 people in history who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony

beyond the news

Most of the the celebrities do think a lot on what to wear on such occasions and avoid wearing same dress. There are, however, celebs who just listen to what they think is right and not others. What we learn is to not live according to others' views and do not throw away your old dresses!

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