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ENTERTAINMENT 100 Greatest Indian Poems launched in Brazil

100 Greatest Indian Poems launched in Brazil

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

Mr Vijay Chauhan, the consul general of India, in Brazil launched a collection of '100 Great Indian Poems' in the city Sao Paulo . The collection was released at an event held at the Indian Culture Centre, on 2nd Feb 2018.

behind the news

The poems that have been released are some of the greatest Indian poems ever written. Some of these were written over 3000 years ago around in 28 different languages. Indian poet and diplomat Mr Abhay K. has translated the poems in Portuguese and the University of Sao Paulo has published these poems. The collection includes poems of Kabir, Kalidas, Lal Ded, Chokhamela, Andal, Ghalib, Mir, Rabindranath Tagore and Nirala and many others. The collection of poems is as diverse as the creators of it belonging to poor, tribal, wealthy class of our society. Last year, Poet Abhay released a collection of poems of famous poets from almost every capital city of the world nations. It was his personal quest to know the world and let people know from the eyes of great poets of the world. And this time, he reversed the scenario. Mr Abhay K. said that this collection of 100 poems of great poets of India, for the first time, has brought the treasures of Indian poetry written over three thousand years ago and in so many languages to the Portuguese speaking world.

beyond the news

Did you know that since many years, Abhay is reading poems of great Indian poets written in different languages; bought from a bookstore in Gangtok? By 2016, he had read almost all and the result is "100 Great Indian Poems". So, if you are a bibliophile, then now you know what your next step should be.

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