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ENTERTAINMENT 'Black panther' raises money for Harlem kids

'Black panther' raises money for Harlem kids

05 03 2018 Monday
The News

Movie 'Black Panther,' released on 29th January, 2018 is now part of a fund raising campaign led by Frederick Joseph, a marketer based in New York , United States of America. He has started a fund raising campaign on GoFundMe in January 2018 for the Harlem kids. This campaign is successfully running and has already raised 800.000 dollars for kids across 50 countries.

behind the news

Harlem is a major residential area largely comprising of American-African people. It is a large neighborhood situated in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Apart from being a residential place, it is also a cultural and business centre. Initially, Joseph wanted to raise an amount of 10,000 dollars for kids of Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. However, the collection of money have now crossed 50,000 dollars. Not only general public, but many celebrities like comedian Ellen DeGeneres also noticed the campaign and decided to pay for the tickets. With these funded tickets, Harlem Kids will be able to watch the movie ‘Black Panther’. The motive of the campaign was to encourage young black kids to see the revolution that has started through 'BLACK SUPERHERO', world’s first black superhero. Majority of the cast too is 'BLACK'. The campaign was initially local, however it has now been supported across the globe and has now more than 500 GoFundMe pages.

beyond the news

Everything that seems normal today, happened for the first time at some point in time, like equality between people of black and white complexion in America. It was not normal before and with lot of efforts and struggle… and sometimes even blood, it happened. And still, in many areas change are not yet happening as fast we would like them to. This particular movie is exactly such a case.

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