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ENTERTAINMENT 'Becoming' by Michele Obama ready to be in stores

'Becoming' by Michele Obama ready to be in stores

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

The first memoir authored by former first lady Michelle Obama titles 'Becoming' is ready to be in stores on 13th November 2018. The news about this book was broken by the Penguin Random House last year although the release date was under curtains. The publishing house on 25 February 2018, finally announced the release date at Washington , United States of America.

behind the news

The memoir is a written document or a historical account related to personal knowledge. One such memoir has now been written by Michelle Obama. 'Becoming' is a book, in fact, the first book of Michelle Obama post-White House. The book was earlier titled as 'unusually intimate'. This is not her first book though, earlier she wrote 'American Grown' about White House garden released in 2012. Post leaving White House, on one hand where Barack Obama took a complete off and enjoyed his holidays, Michelle Obama, on the other hand, had a semi-private life. 'Writing ‘Becoming’ has been a deeply personal experience', says Michelle Obama. She hopes that her story will inspire others and we think most importantly it will motivate girls still struggling to find their way.

beyond the news

Writing is a wonderful experience and it gives wings to your thoughts. You travel in your thoughts and pen them down. You can write down your experience about a certain event, about a journey, a hypothetical story and so much more.

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