Our History

It all started with 'Sanskriti' Tripathy, a 10th grader who showed up one day during her summer break, with an irreversible intent to learn at our young and restless startup. And her intent was so strong that she almost hired herself as an intern without any interview or group discussion.

This was around the time when we were going to launch our online life skills curriculum to young children across the globe. We were wondering - 'How do we reach these children or their parents?' and 'What kind of media do they consume?'. Sanskriti was given an open-ended and sand-boxish brief to study the daily nonfiction and non-academic reading habits of young children.

She went about the task (which we felt was way beyond her age and grasp) quite methodically, starting with making a detailed questionnaire on Survey Monkey, that included questions on the newspaper reading or non-reading habits and preferences of young children. She administered the survey among her friends and her friend's friends. Then she went about conducting a large number of on-the-road(literally) qualitative interviews with children and their parents to capture intelligence and insights on their reading habits. Within 3 weeks, Sanskriti came up with a detailed report that had a clear analysis of 'why children don't read newspapers or any source of daily news at all' and 'what must be true for them to start getting into the habit of reading daily news'.

Based on those insights, she also came up with a proposal to create the world's 1st curated source of daily global news for the 8-18 years young.

Eventually, that proposal led to the birth of newzworm.com and to Sanskriti's rebirth as it's first part-time, after-school co-founder and perhaps also as its first official reader. Since then, she has been involved in developing newzworm and has been through the various thick & thin, clear & confused, insight & foresight-laden development stages of newzworm. Her favorite section of newzworm and her brainchild is the Good News Section. Newzworm tasted adulation and celebrity status when Sanskriti was given the prestigious 'Student Entrepreneur Award,2017' by The Future Foundation.

Today newzworm is a staple source of daily global news for children across 144 countries and it is on its way to realizing its vision - "To make 1 billion children across the globe to get into a daily habit of 'knowing, understanding and thinking about the world".